Floral Blouse Evans Sheered Navy Bardot x0ATUnRvqn Floral Blouse Evans Sheered Navy Bardot x0ATUnRvqn Floral Blouse Evans Sheered Navy Bardot x0ATUnRvqn Floral Blouse Evans Sheered Navy Bardot x0ATUnRvqn Floral Blouse Evans Sheered Navy Bardot x0ATUnRvqn

Material & care

Outer fabric material: 100% cotton

Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, do not tumble dry


Neckline: Off-the-shoulder

Pattern: Floral

Article number: EW221E0CY-K11

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    With Amadeus Rail IT platform, our growing community of customers will be able to rely on better performance and faster time to market, and to satisfy their travellers even more.

    CHARLES MANDER CEO BeNe Rail International

    Sheered Blouse Bardot Floral Navy Evans

Floral Blouse Evans Sheered Navy Bardot x0ATUnRvqn

The competitive landscape in the rail market is changing fast with new players starting important cross-border routes, and beyond rail, airlines and bus competitors are also a threat. 

BeNe Rail International is a technology joint venture between the Belgian national railway company SNCB/NMBS and Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) of the Netherlands, which was formed to develop the ticket sales and distribution platform for international and high-speed train services.

With a pressing competitive need to take customer service and distribution to a new level, BeNe has partnered with Amadeus to develop a unique ‘next generation’ community-developed IT platform, providing all of the joined-up, end-to-end processes they need to please their customers, lower their costs and grow their business.

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The solution

The platform will bring to BeNe a complete IT solution to manage schedules, fares and inventory information as well as shopping, booking, ticketing, after sales, payment, reporting and settlement services. It also includes a comprehensive multi-channel and multi-carrier rail distribution system available to travel agencies, corporations and potentially to stations and railway contact centres in the future. 

The result

Blouse Bardot Navy Sheered Floral Evans Over the next few years, Amadeus and BeNe will work closely together, completing the key modules of the solution before conducting a careful, step-by-step migration of BeNe’s own systems.

Numerous advantages are expected from this new platform:  a decrease in costs and an overall improvement of the operational performance with the aim to deliver the highest levels of customer service.

Hear more in this video [10 mins] from Mark Mallants, Chairman of the Management team at BeNe Rail International. 


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Blouse Floral Evans Bardot Navy Sheered  

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